About Us


As one of the earliest Hong Kong red chips companies, Shoucheng Holdings Limited (SHOUCHENG, known as Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited at the time) was listed on the main board of HKEX in 1991, and thereafter acquired by Shougang Group Co., Ltd (Shougang Group) and CK Hutchison Holdings Limited ( known as Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited at the time) in 1992. On May 22, 2020, the Company officially changed its name to Shoucheng Holdings Limited.

At present, the Company’s main business includes operation and management of parking assets and urban renewal private funds. SHOUCHENGholds one Hong Kong listed company as associate, namely Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited. The key shareholders of the Company are Shougang Group, Orix Group, NWS Group, HOPU, JD Digits, CIMC Group, and Matrix Partners China.

SHOUCHENG is dedicated to being a listed company which is capable of spanning economic cycle, with robust cash flow as well as well-established operations, and also SHOUCHENG always endeavors to create the greatest benefits for its shareholders and investors, to provide a comfortable and convenient user experience for its users, and to make city life better.