Infrastructure real estate fund business

Infrastructure real estate fund business

The company has founded 15 funds with a total amount at 40 billion RMB to date. The invested projects have an area of 600,000 ㎡ and a reserve area of 10 million ㎡.

  • 15Branch


  • 40Billion+

    Fund management scale

  • 600,000

    square meters

    Investment and construction area

  • 10,000,000

    square meters

    Reserve area

Business model

Our company adopts a “fund + property + industry” business model, using funds to invest to expand industrial resources, to becoming excellent industrial regions, bringing better quality to spatial development, with the conservation of resources, environmental improvements, and asset value enhancements.

Business layout

On one hand, to invest and develop industrial parks around Shougang Industrial Park and surrounding areas. On the other hand, realising value restoration with the model of ‘acquisition + operation’, and with the accrued abilities to maintain interest on the real estate of the moat outside the Shougang Industrial Park.

Core Competence

The Beijing Shougang Industrial Park is a core resource to the Infrastructure real estate fund business business to the company. The positioning of the industrial park is set as a new landmark for capital city renewal in the new era. It has a land area size of 8.63 k㎡ and building area size of over 600 ㎡, with more than 223,000 ㎡ of surrounding area size available for co-development. It is the largest land resource within Beijing city region that can be developed collaboratively.

The company currently has 15 funds, totalling 40 billion RMB. Moreover is backed by parent company Shoucheng Holdings Limited (HK.0697) with its rich financing channels, enabling connection to the capital market, and finally opening up park assets’ way to ABS and Reits.

The company esteems with excellence in spatial operations abilities around six core beliefs including: management systems standardization, full schedule value add services, industrial services standardization, smart information systems, three-dimensional internal control systems, external resources diversification. In keeping a steady influx of customers in the region, creating the effect of an industry focus, creating corporate brand image.

Throughout the company, a common design concept is used, ‘keeping maximum historical memories, using industrial style to inspire spatial creativity, having community parks to create multi-dimensional spaces, growing modular offices based on people, maximising commercial value and landscape values, green building smart building’ are the six major core values, fully empowering the various types of projects.

The company is richly resourced with corporate investors, and has a customised precision investment strategy. By using ways such as prioritizing investor attraction, tenancy structure optimisation, highlighting differences, brand establishments, enhancing project standard values, ensuring quality and high efficiency in promoting to investors.

Project Cases